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Kinder Oase KiddieFest Support

VDT HQ | 15.07.2016 |

‪At Vandzilah Technology, we don't just do Technology, we also contribute and build a community of genuineness and a better living place for all.

How do we do this?

#VDT‬ HQ ...we still continue to partner and support foundations and organizations to achieve this target and goals. Today, we had the opportunity to not just have fun but educate some of these...

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Lauching of NGO | Young Hearts Ghana

VDT HQ | 30.06.2016 |

As many of us do know the numerous challenges facing about 70% of Ghanaian kids in Education...

Young Hearts GH, a local non-religious local foundation located in Takoradi, western region of Ghana seeks to empower some of these young kids who do not have passion in Education to realize the importance of going to school...



VDT HQ | 30.06.2016

‪The second quarter of 2016 has been amazingly awesome.. with our cherished clients : The British international school, Ko-sa Beach Resort, Elmina Bay Resort, Hush Enterprise, Golden Hill Park Hotel,... etc. We say a big thank you and looking forward to doing more business now and in the future to...